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Design of individual residential building in banjaluka was designed by "VMN Studio" ltd from banjaluka.

Nikica Mandić, m.arch. project manager – responsible designer and supervision.

The interior of the individual residential building in banjaluka was designed by Valentina Savić Mandić, – interior designer.

About residential building:

The concept of residential building is made as a modern family building with the intent to satisfy all the needs of a modern family. Each room has been created to provide full utilization of space, while providing maximum comfort. The house with its vital parts, living room and bedrooms is oriented to nature and environment, which is achieved by the increased floor height and large window openings in the rooms, i.e. by increasing dimensions of terrace on the ground floor and the balconies of the first floor in relation to usual standards.

The house has an increased height integrated into the dimensions and semi-open garage of 6x3 meters, which provides comfortable parking for all types of passenger vehicles.

The exterior appearance and used material of residential building are in accordance with modern architecture trends in terms of form and shape, flat roof surface, relation of light and shadow, ambient lighting, selection of materials, colors etc., which makes it attractive either now or in the future.

Statement: VMN Studio, 19.03.2023


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